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Depending on the progress stage the project has reached, we suggest the method best suited to our clients’ demands thanks to a platform of structured methods. Based on more than 45 years of experience, we will offer to carry out all your quantitative and qualitative projects. From car-clinic to ethnographic interviewing, from in-room to in-home testing, or from focus group to individual interviewing, we offer in-house recruitment to guarantee optimal quality studies and reliable results, for B to B or B to C targets.

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Translated into a concrete use function, the technology, product or service must be evaluated by the customers. The position of the technology on the TRL (technology readiness level) scale determines its state of development and the approach to adopt. Prototypes made with designers allow testing in operational conditions. After testing, consolidation or simplification of functions may be necessary.

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With regard to customer expectations, the market study details the conditions for the existence and launch of an activity, taking into account the state of the competition, the technique, the regulations and the distribution. The position of the activity on the MRL scale
(market readiness level), determines the technique to be used, from strategic analysis to competitive analysis to establish a value proposition, a positioning, and a modeling of the activity, then translated into a business plan.

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