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The transition from a market study to a tangible project sometimes involves the launch of a new activity.

We contribute to the implementation of the projects by finalizing the strategic choices of the company and its operational policies, by using the business canvas and then establishing the marketing mix of the future activity.

step 1

From the value proposition revealed by the market research, the BUSINESS CANVAS is a 3-step approach.

The whole of the commercial relationship to be undertaken: the messages sent to the categories of potential customers according to the distribution channels or specific relationship

The whole technical response to provide customers: the know-how at the heart of the company therefore needs to be determined, that which is secondary, and that which must be the subject of an external partnership to the company

All the financial flows in and out in order to determine the economic balance of the company in the short and medium term.

Step 2

Once the overall scenario has been validated, it is then time to fine-tune the various concrete steps that will make up the MARKETING MIX: product range, pricing policy, promotion & advertising communication, sales channels and after-sales service.

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Value proposition, marketing, production, cash flow.

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4p method (place, promotion, price, product)