Quantitative studies

Defining your specific marketing target

They are an extension of qualitative studies and their objective is to approve the value proposition regarding the suggested product or service based on larger samples (from several hundred to over a thousand consumers).

Thanks to digital technology, crowdsourcing makes it possible to assess an already well-defined new concept from large numbers of people in many countries.

Tools to confirm Hypotheses and Choices Made during the Qualitative Phase


Assessment of different vehicles (existing ones and prototypes) that have been displayed in a large space by customers of the brand, but also by potential buyers.

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Central Location Test CLT / Indoor Test

A quantitative study that takes place in an enclosed space and in a controlled manner. It is opposed to the HUT.

Gang survey

This quantitative study is implemented in 2 phases. The first phase includes 15-20 respondents assessing one or more products. Then, some respondents are selected to take part in a mini Focus Group that follows the first phase.