Découvrez les termes techniques des études

About consumers and users

Cinic: Assessing different vehicles (existing ones or prototypes) that have been set in a large space by clients from the brand and potential buyers.

Central Location Test CLT / “Test en salle”: Supervised quantitative study performed in a closed space. It goes against the HUT.

“Groupe de discussion” / Focus Group: Group discussion (6 to 8 people) led by a moderator for 2 to 4 hours.

Ethnographic Interview: Individual interview taking place at the interviewee’s home.

Individual Interview: Individual interview of the directive or semi-directive type. Generally lasting from 1½ to 2 hours maximum.

Home Use Test – HUT: It takes place in the respondent’s home because it is done over a certain period of time and reproduces the user’s actual conditions. It goes against the CLT.

Gang Survey: Quantitative study in 2 steps. During the first step, 15-20 respondents assess one or several products. Then several respondents are selected to make a small Focus Group; this is to follow the first step.

Online forum: Online discussion space where each user can log in whenever they like and answer a certain number of questions each day. They can view some of the answers from other users and bounce back to them. A moderator manages the forum.

Online Focus Groups: Online meeting, for a maximum of 8 to 10 respondents, one to two hours. Respondents log in to a moderated online video conference.

Guided tours: Visit of a sales area with the respondent to have a better understanding of their behavior during the purchasing process.

Workshop: A facilitator-led working group, also called a collaborative workshop. This allows the various participants to structure a concept/idea and to come up with a concrete draft at the end. It usually lasts half a day or a whole day.

Sensory study: A sensory study consists mainly in analyzing the organoleptic properties of the products by the organs of the senses, namely sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. It is mainly used in the food and cosmetic sectors.

Setting up a Specific Strategy

Business Canvas: Exhaustive analysis matrix of some activity that leads to the value proposition for the customer and sets up the activity criteria in its technological field, in its customer relationship mode and in its financial flows. Discover our solutions Business Canvas.

Price Study: To determine the best price for a new product or to change the existing price of a product.

Market Study: Collecting and analyzing information in order to identify the characteristics of a market.

MRL (Market Readiness Level): Measurement system used to assess the extent of marketing development of a project, on a scale ranging from a sketchy idea to a detailed business plan.

Mix Marketing: Set of operational policies at the crossroads of demand and competition analysis, regarding the Product, the Price, the Place (distribution) and the Advertising and Service (4P + S).

TRL (Market Readiness Level): Measurement system used to assess the extent of technological development of a project, in particular to finance the RD phase till the technical certification is obtained.

Technological Sector Study: Analysis of the upstream or downstream dependent links to the considered activity to take into account the competing strategic stances and, regarding the expected functionalities, to determine the partnerships and the subcontracting, and thus to strengthen the economic model of the activity.