Optimize your marketing mix

The Marketing Mix corresponds to the realization phase of the reflections and strategic orientations defined at the business canvas stage. Its purpose is to establish in concrete terms the way in which the link will operate, with the different customer segments targeted by the company:

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  • Distribution channels (PLACE) 

    Depending on whether the product needs to be demonstrated or is self-explanatory, on the distribution of customers, the places they go to acquire your products, and the importance of after-sales service, you will be directed towards one or more distribution channels, while being careful about the percentage you give them to market your product.

  • Sales methods 

    It may be necessary to put the product in a situation of use and demonstrate all its characteristics or to have it tasted. A demonstrator salesperson, whether attached to a distributor or not, will then be necessary. Some intangible products or services can also be promoted digitally via the Internet; however, tutorials must be provided to facilitate the act of purchasing. In other cases, the sale of a product may require a long argumentation and negotiation to take into account the different options. An experienced technical sales force will then be necessary.

  • Communication 

    The communication policy precedes and follows the actions of the sales force.

    This is to make known the company’s project and its values, but also its services and its products which in a way represent the trailblazers for the sales force.

    It is then necessary to plan more precise actions, of an advertising-promotional nature and much more linked to the products and services themselves.

    By being creative and knowing how to fit in with the times, while remaining economical, communication can have a very strong impact on the commercial success of an activity.

  • Pricing policies 

    It takes into account the interest the user or consumer in the proposed functionalities, or even their desire for them.

    It also depends on the strength of the competition and the importance of the company in the market.

    For example, “new entrants” to an established market, even with a new product, may need to offer limited pricing to gain new customers. Conversely, a well-established company with patents or a recognized brand name may “impose” prices that will appear high.

  • Logistics, after-sales service 

    This subject is all the more important if your product or service makes it necessary to plan  stocks of spare parts or refills. The link with your distributor is crucial here, if they are responsible for both marketing and after-sales service.

    It can also be particularly useful to establish a link with your users after the act of purchase, to gather their impressions, their comments… and their satisfaction, which makes it possible to rely on them as ambassadors of the product or brand.