Know your targets better before reaching out to them

Our Methodologies

We assist companies by conducting analyses and making uncompromising recommendations based on our understanding of the expectations of potential customers and the position of the competition

Qualitative Studies

Focus Group - Ethnographic interview - Individual interview - Home Use Test - Online forum - Guided tours - Workshop - Sensory study

Quantitative Studies

Clinic - Central Location Test CLT - Gang Survey

Studies to produce results

For more than 45 years, CYBLE MARKETING has been carrying out about a hundred studies per year, both quantitative and qualitative, for French or foreign companies operating in France. Our team has 4 permanent staff. We analyze and confirm your hypotheses for products or services, whether they are at the concept or marketing stage. Our analyses, comparisons and recommendations are carried out in a fully independent manner, while remaining as close as possible to your expectations and needs.

We inspire trust

We can go beyond

Market research is an aid to decision-making and can lead to further reflection before implementing or abandoning a project.

We use the tools of the Business Canvas and the Marketing Mix to achieve this

Our articles

A citizen and solidarity bank card?

On a 10€ credit card payment, the trader has to pay several cents to financial institutions. In France, these transaction fees amount to more than 4 billion euros per year…


Focus on techniques of consumer expectations insight

Technological tools abound to see, hear, analyze, weigh up, touch (soon) the consumer-customer, who ends up getting lost in their act of purchasing…

The MRL, a guide for effective marketing action

If we examine our environment with a careful and constructive eye, it is easy to identify a need that seems unfulfilled …. and to imagine a solution to remedy this.

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By establishing first the Business Canvas and then the Marketing Mix of the proposed activity, we help bring it into being.