It’s moving in the household appliances

For 2022, the 3 watchwords are “T”:

Simplicity, technicality and connectivity: Ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, hoods… Everything is there to make our work easier.

For the hoods, we have seen a suction system for electric cooktops, totally invisible, which frees up space; it is ideal for kitchens with a central island above which you do not want to hang a hood.

For others, the oven is now divided into 2 parts of 75 L each with a double door opening to cook two dishes simultaneously. The chamber is divided by a partition plate. Thus, it is possible to open the top without the bottom dish losing heat and vice versa.

Another example with an oven, the user can select various recipes and monitor the cooking directly from his smartphone.

Dedicated applications also give access to numerous tutorials and other recipes, it is possible to create a shopping list that can then be shared with other users, to launch the dishwasher remotely while cooking, etc.

In the same way, manufacturers are already planning a refrigerator that can list and send its contents to the owner’s smartphone in case of doubt at the supermarket.

These same refrigerators already have a touch screen, integrated recipes with support for expiration dates, an on-board camera to know what’s in the fridge without opening it and remotely.

In short, the future is already in our kitchen !