The realistic alternatives to meat

The soy steak we all know now, it’s been around for a while!

But industrials have now moved up a gear using technologies more and more sophisticated to get closer to the taste, color, smell or texture of the meat.

Herbal imitations are becoming more precise: In the United States, companies are starting to manufacture and distribute on nearly a thousand restaurants this new type of meat and begin to engage serious partnerships with companies in 50 countries but also with fast food chains!

The manufacturing system of this type of burger, sausages … etc. can still be scary with its side “alchemy – mad scientist”: When we know that the first burger “in vitro” was designed from stem cells cows by a Dutch scientist from the University of Maastricht in 2013, the race for innovation cannot stop.

In Israel, a company recently boasted of using new 3D technology, promising chicken pieces from “pain-free” cells, and guaranteeing muscle and fat production non-genetically modified.

In San Francisco, people are working on beef, chicken and duck and we are promised very soon chicken from cells taken from a feather!

The financial challenges are huge. Investors come from everywhere, even if the cost of production is still very high, few products are available for sale. But some specialists are banking on marketing within five years.

The promised ambition is beautiful and has something to dream about:

To sustainably change the meat production system by avoiding raising and killing animals. Limiting greenhouse gases and using natural resources, avoiding the suffering of animals and protecting the health of humans.

And also feed a growing and greeding of protein population.

So, see you soon on our plates.