It has now become impossible to build a green home in 2018 without using 100% sustainable materials.

From the foundation to the roof, you can now only build with green building materials.

For example:

– plant-based concrete, made from hemp, for the foundation,

– wood for the frame, doors and windows, – hemp, straw or cellulose wadding for the insulation, – a lime-based coating to cover the walls.

But in addition to materials, ecological installations are also needed: Rainwater harvesting can take different forms: from watering the plants in the garden, to a buried cistern to reuse rainwater throughout the house.

As far as energy is concerned, thermal or photovoltaic solar energy is very popular to heat water and the house and to produce electricity for the household. It is also important to know that new constructions are less and less energy consuming, especially because of the quality of the insulation.

New houses are being built with the aim of emitting as little greenhouse gas as possible at a lower cost:

– Cardboard houses are emerging in the Netherlands with quality homes, as solid as a concrete home, for prices defying all competition: about 800 euros per square meter. These houses are modular, ergonomic, design and can be assembled in less than two days.

– The brick house of …. Bois was created in France. It is a system of interlocking bricks to build a house in kit. Not only can everyone assemble their own house, without nails, screws or glue, like a Lego game. The materials are made of pine wood, which makes it a quality material for a sustainable and ecological house. It is necessary to count 900 to 1000 euros per square meter.

So…. The house of your dreams may be closer than you think!