Moto & Scooter

The last few years have been busy in terms of reforms and developments in the automotive world and more particularly for 2/3 wheelers.

First of all, the safety measures imposed have become stricter. The wearing of CE approved gloves is now mandatory (for the driver and the passenger). Driving a 2-wheeler without approved gloves can be followed by a fine of 45 Euros and the withdrawal of one point for the driver. Remember that the helmet must also be CE approved but also attached (a helmet not attached can lead to a fine).

The license plate has not escaped these reforms. It was already forbidden to ride with a single line license plate, now it must also be the new standard size (210mm x 130mm). Driving with a non-compliant plate can lead to a fine of 135 Euros.

It is interesting to underline the experimentation of the “interfile” traffic, implemented in 4 regions since 2 years, showing the will of the state to take inspiration from a reality (the “interfile” traffic being forbidden until now but tolerated in the big cities) in order to legislate.

On the other hand, more than 40,000 motorcyclists demonstrated their dissatisfaction, in mid-April, with the “80 km/h law” which will come into force on July 1, 2018. Indeed this law provides for lowering the maximum speed until now from 90 km/h to 80 km/h on secondary roads.

The next reforms should concern paid parking for 2 and 3 wheels (already implemented in the municipalities of Vincennes and Charenton-Le-Pont) as well as a probable technical control of 2 and 3 wheels, a measure that should come into force at the European level by 2022.

Remember that in 2013, the reform of the A2 motorcycle license had forced manufacturers to adapt their vehicles to the new legislation and offer “A2” versions limited to 47.5 horsepower. The 3 best sellers are the Yamaha MT-07, the Kawasaki Z650 and the Honda CB500F. Three affordable twin-cylinders combining design and torque, ideal for young riders.

Manufacturers are increasingly taking into account changes in the law and society but also consumer expectations. This is why we find on the road modern and practical vehicles.